Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

hey guys, sorry for the late update. i was busy all weekend and now i want to tell you about my weekend :3 ENJOY!


so first, on friday there's somekind (odd, but fun thou') venue named LANGUAGE MONTH at my school, ATHALIA SHS. but actually this is the final venue fror all the competition had been held all month from the early october. for SHS, there's just presentation 'competition' and 'musikalisasi puisi' (i have no idea what is 'musikalisasi' in english, DUH). so musikalisasi puisi is like making a song but the lyrics is taken from the chosen poem, got it? :D so i'm (seems like everybody) weren't that interested with the boring presentation...

oh! except joshua's presentation. so joshua was giving a presentation about : HOW TO MAKE AN ICE-CREAM BREAD DESSERT, LIVE. so who's not intereseted? (especially the hungry boys cuz we haven't had lunch) when he finished the presentation with pretty huge dessert (he used the whole bread loaf), one of my friend, RIGG was joking around with the dessert and pretend to took it away from the table and actually, joshua was giving that away and so the 11th grader run like a wind, took the spoons and ate that pity dessert in just a minute and all gone, LMAO. and for the rest, it went from bored to bored to death (sorry guys, just telling the truth!)

and so the next is the MUSIKALISASI PUISI (or let's call that POEM MUSIKALISASI). this is the best part, all of 'em from the 10th grader to 11th grader are giving their best for the performance in front of the entire athalia SHS students and teachers. YOU GUYS NAILED IT! but to be honest (sorry guys!) 11th graders BROKE SO MANY LEGS!

first, from the 11-1, all my science class mates, RIGG EVANS FEFE IRENE and MOSES (as additional drum player) are EXTREMELY HILLLLLLLARIOUS!!! they came with a poem which is written by a chinese man and they perform it with chinese accent and they also came with some certa

in chinese moves. DANG! THEY WERE EXTREMELY HILLARIOUS, cuz RIGG is one of the class clown and EVANS also class clown, but sometimes he's the victim of science class' bulying (not in the serious way) and we called him SILUMAN (i don't know what is siluman in english, but it's somekind a mixture of human and animal :p) and for this group, some of my friends called this group POWER RANGERS cuz their costume was polo shirt with different colors

moving on to the second group, from the 11-2, my science and social class friends, KEIA JIMMY EDWIN FELLIS OTTO (they're all in black and white) with KEIA on keys, JIMMY on drum, EDWIN on bass/rapper, OTTO on bass/guitar, and FELLIS on vocal. the second group was.......................................*dude, we're all speechless*

they perform a song that kinda funk/electric but it's about our mighty God and...OH MY GOSH! they ruled the stage!!! if there was a director or something, all they got to do just sign the contract and DANG...they're famous. LMAO

maybe i'll post the video later after ask it from my teacher :D


1st place KEIA's group

2nd place RIGG's group

3rd place 10th graders

the winner got a chance to perform on ATHALIA SHS' OPEN HOUSE 2012/2013

so i guess that's all from Friday


yooo!! it's saturday! so like my ordinary saturday, i woke up at 6am, get ready for basketball practice at school and then off to school by 6.20. AND WHAT PISSED ME OFF IS THERE'S NO PRACTICE CUZ THE GIRL'S TEAM IS GOING TO A BASKETBALL COMPETITION. fuck maaaannn, why there's no

body tell me the day before? cuz i'm sucks at basketball??? and so cuz my mom still around the neighborhood, she went back to school to pick me and we're going home. after that, we bought some breakfast for my dad and brother at home and we're having breakfast and we went swim around 8am. the day is getting hotter and we're finished at 9.30am. not bad, 1.5 hours for on-off diet program

and so after we went home, i got nothing to do (actually i got biology and history HW) and just lying around, half sleep on the couch cuz still got not enough sleep cuz staying up so late the night before. then when i almost fell asleep, suddenly i remembered my old mate, SARAH. we used to go to the

same elementary school and JHS, but we kinda lost contact after we graduate JHS. we used to play together with my cousin, CLARISSA. but clarissa has moved to philly on 2006, our last year on elementary school. then i picked up the phone (funny how i still remember her phone number) and having a long talk afterward. then we're planning to go to her house and go to a movie with my brother at 3pm cuz she's got business to do first.

so i took my nap from 10am to 12noon and watch tv till sarah text me whenever she's home. i went to her house around 1pm and we're having such a good time at her house since her parents were out of town :p

then we went to the movie at 3pm and we still got 1.45 hours to spend at the mall before the movie start. then we watched my school band's performance, WSMS (when social meet science). they perform 3 songs ; you are the universe (brand new heavies), sempurna (andra and the backbone), and i believe i can fly (r kelly). MAAANNN, they nailed it! once again they ROCK THE STAGE! and oh, they gotGLORY MS. MARIA JEREMY FELLIS on vocal, JIMMY on saxophone, MOSES on drums, EDWINon bass, and NATHAN on guitar. SUCH A TALENTED MANKIND :o

then we went to the movie, we watched JOHNNY ENGLISH : REBORN which is SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY HILLARIOUS!!!!! laughing from the beggining till the end!

after the movie, we went back to the venue and there's still some of the band performing and when i sat with sarah, we felt awkward cuz there's one girl with her gangs looking at us and talked to her friends after squinting at us -___- and then she ask sarah

girl : "are you sarah?"

sarah : "yea...and yo-...OMG!!!!! audrey!!!"

audrey : "YEAHA!!! OMG SARAH!!! IMISS YOU!!! and who's your friend?"

sarah : "DUDE! this is..."

me : "...i'm abigail! we used to go to the same school since kindegarten!"

audrey : "huh?...*squint glare*...OMG!!! BIGEL!!! YOU CHANGED SO MUCH!!!"

me : "sure, hehehe..."

audrey : "you two look so different!"

*hell yeah, my dear old friend, audrey. we're FAT now*

me and sarah : "good, and so how's school?"

...and so time are passing by, we're talking about some other old friends, we're talking on the audience seat and we're making our own performance :p

then my mom arrived at the mall to pick us and then we're going home...we should do it next time, my dear SARAH ;)


so i was woke up at 5am cuz i forgot to turn off the school alarm and then updating my status at twitter and go back to sleep again till mom woke me up at 7am. oh man! i smell''s...EGG TART!!! so she told me to go downstairs and go get the breakfast with a cup of malayan milk tea. so i was run like a wind and enjoying my a little bit of heaven :3

after that we went to south jakarta, gandaria city (it's a mall but it has a church in it) and we're having a sunday service there. after the service, we went to SATE KHAS SENAYAN - KEBON SIRIH cuz my dad want some traditional food and after that we're heading to siloam hospital, waiting for my dad to do some 'pop' patient visit (since he's a doctor) and after that we met our relative at the hospital and we're 'having fun at the hospital' (kinda awkward to say that) and after that we're going home to our home sweet home . . .

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sorry, still got no photo on this post. i've lost some photos i've took for the blog :( next time i'll put in some photos!

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