Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

first post

hey guys! so this is my second blog, the first one did not work so well -.-
anyway, this is my first post! so, i'm sorry if my blog isn't that interesting like others. but i promise i'll try to make it better as i learn how to blogging. also big apology for my bad english, cuz i speak bahasa in my daily life.

so why i make a blog?

1. i like writing about my life and so i'm thinking about making a blog as my 'online diary'

2. i promise to one of my girlfriend, beata megan (koalakiss.blogspot.com) to make a blog :3

3. i'd like to share about my life to you even my life not that interesting (i guess)

4. ..........and there are so much reasons why i'm making this blog, i just forgot why (DUH)

GAHHH, actually got lotsa ideas to write but when i'm on screen, all went away -_-
and...keep reading my blog!

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